Rick Collins Presents on the Topic of Anabolic Steroids at the Association of Former Federal Narcotics Agents of NY/NJ Event

rickawardoOn Friday, May 16th, Rick Collins spoke on the topic of anabolic steroids to the membership of the New York/New Jersey Chapter of the Association of Former Federal Narcotics Agents (AFFNA) at their annual Awards Luncheon.  Rick was asked to present by former Federal Narcotics Agent with the US Treasury Department Officer and later Nassau County Supreme Court Justice Anthony J. Falanga and local AFFNA President A. Louis Gonzalez.

Rick’s presentation, where he addressed a large group of former and current Federal Narcotics Agents, was very well received.  Most of the former agents and many of the current agents in attendance did not have extensive experience with the subject.  Rick’s lecture covered objective, fact-based information about non-medical steroid use, discussed the documentary film “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” in which he appeared, and explored the motivations and demographics of non-medical steroid use based on research findings including the performance-enhancing drug survey in which Rick was involved as a co-researcher and coauthor.

During his presentation, Rick also delved into the application of demand and supply principles in the evolution of the steroid black market, as supply progressed from FDA-approved pharmaceuticals into Mexican veterinary products, through the “prohormone” market of non-compliant dietary supplements and into raw powders from China.   He further noted that law enforcement must remain vigilant toward market adaptations to interdiction if they wish to pursue quarry in this area, but also suggested that demand will always drive supply and that total success in steroid interdiction will never be achieved at any cost.

The luncheon provided a rare opportunity for those who are often on opposing sides of a courtroom to share a meal and amicably and rationally discuss the subject matter.  While neither side divulged any “trade secrets,” the personal connections established may help open up the possibilities of better understanding on both sides.