New Rick Collins Radio Interview Features In-Depth Look Into Today’s Biggest Issues Surrounding Bodybuilding, Steroids and The Law

Rick’s Interview on Blue Collar Muscle Radio Offers Look Into the Media Stigma of Anabolic Steroids, and Rick’s Leadership in Anabolic Steroid Defense

BLUE-COLLAR-LOGORick Collins appeared on Blue Collar Muscle Radio on Thursday, April 17th in an in-depth interview addressing everything from his early days as a bodybuilder, to how he was able to combine bodybuilding and the law, to some of today’s biggest issues surrounding legal defense in anabolic steroids cases.  The 49 minute interview aired on Blue Collar Muscle Radio with Shelby Starnes and John Meadows – a radio show known as a leader in bodybuilding news and information.

During the interview, Rick talked about his early experience as a bodybuilder and how it became a natural fit for him to combine the bodybuilding world and the law – noting the ironic timing that the year he co-founded Collins, McDonald & Gann (1990) was also the same year that Congress criminalized anabolic steroids as controlled substances.  During the interview, Rick reflected on how bodybuilding and fitness intersect with the law and how, as one of the few lawyers with experience in both bodybuilding and law, he was able to create a reputation as a national leader in legal defense surrounding anabolic steroids.

The interview also touched on one of the biggest issues surrounding steroids today: the increasing media stigma of anabolic steroids in our society.  Rick addressed  the consistent rise in the stigma of anabolic steroids and the misinformation/misperceptions that exist about steroids …  not only within the general community, but in the legal community as well – noting that he has found many prosecutors and judges to have a great deal of misinformation about steroids.  Rick stressed that, as a steroid attorney, one of his most important jobs is often to first correct misinformation that is out there in order to help ensure justice for anyone charged with a steroid crime.   Noting how much has changed with anabolic steroids and the law since he first began practicing steroid law in 1990, Rick also discussed a number of recent developments in the industry – and gave a case study of one of his unique cases involving confidential informants, planted evidence … and what happens when someone gets “framed” with possession and sale of anabolic steroids.

To listen to the complete interview, click here.

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