BEYOND THE HIGH PROFILE STEROIDS CASES: Not Every Case is as High Profile as Alex Rodriguez, but Everyone May Have Just as Much to Lose

The recent news of Alex Rodriguez’s reduced sentence from 211 to 162 games has continued to make headlines nationwide– as much for the fact that the penalty will suspend him from the 2014 regular season and post-season play as for the message that this severe penalty seems to be sending to professional athletes.  However, it’s not just MLB and professional athletes that need to take note of the seriousness of penalties surrounding steroid-related violations and crimes and the potential impact stemming from allegations surrounding performance-enhancing drugs.  In today’s world, the reality is that for anyone being investigated or arrested in conjunction with anabolic steroids, there can be serious legal repercussions – even more so if the case is not handled properly.  And while a career in Major League Baseball may not be on the line, every person may have just as much to lose – job, family, reputation and so much more.

In my years providing legal defense in anabolic steroids cases, I’ve represented high profile clients as well as local bodybuilders and ordinary people throughout the country and beyond being faced with steroid charges.  My goal as a steroid lawyer is to ensure that anyone being faced with charges surrounding anabolic steroids and PEDs gets the help they need – no matter what their budgets may be.  So although you may see my name associated with high profile cases, or hear me giving commentary on the latest anabolic steroid cases in the news, know that no case involving anabolic steroids is too big or too small for me – and that we at Collins, McDonald & Gann are committed to finding creative solutions within each client’s budget to ensure that virtually anyone who needs legal defense in the area of anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs gets the experienced counsel and advice they need to protect and preserve careers, livelihoods, families, and reputations.

When it comes to some of the inflated, over-reaching and sometimes outrageous charges – and oppressive potential legal punishments — made in the area of anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs, our goal is to make sure that nobody facing these types of charges has to navigate the system without proper guidance and legal counsel.  We are dedicated to being here for you, 24/7, for all types of steroids-related charges – whatever your situation, whatever the particular charges … and whatever your budget.  We’re committed to finding ways to work within your individual financial situation in an effort to make sure that nobody who needs experienced legal defense for anabolic steroids/PED goes without proper counsel.  Most importantly, we’re committed to helping you navigate the complex legal system, with its pervasive lack of knowledge about anabolic steroids, and providing you with the skilled legal defense that has helped preserve the futures of so many clients – whether you are a professional athlete, a well-known international bodybuilder … or a fitness enthusiast anywhere facing any type of steroids-related charge.

If you’re being investigated or arrested for a steroids-related crime, we’re committed to our goal of making sure that affordability is never an issue.  Call us 24/7 at 516-294-0300, or email me directly at RCollins@cmgesq.com.