Are Steroids Safe for Mature Adult Males? WATCH THE HBO VIDEO HERE!

HBO Real Sports aired a segment recently entitled “The Contrarian View” about anabolic steroids. Armen Keteyian, who has been reporting on illegal substances in sports for the past five years, investigates the belief held by some scientists that steroids, when properly administered, cause no harm in mature adult males (the segment emphasizes that the serious risks to teens and women are higher). The proposition seems like heresy in the current atmosphere of national steroid hysteria, but HBO concludes that the scientific evidence against enlightened steroid use by adult men is sorely lacking. The persistent myth that steroids killed Lyle Alzado is properly debunked, and anti-steroid authority Dr. Gary Wadler seems flustered when pressed for proof to support his claims that steroid use by mature adults is “Russian Roulette.” Given the many millions of users spanning nearly five decades, the fact that an exhaustive review could turn up only twelve deaths purportedly linked to steroids (and some of these are reportedly very questionable) suggests that the risks are much less than for some accepted cosmetic surgery procedures. Keteyan ends the piece with a surprising apology for helping to spread unfounded information in his previous stories on the subject. For an even more comprehensive review of the subject, check out Legal Muscle.