New Article on Steroids and Anti-Aging

In an article entitled “Sympathy for the Devil: everything you thought you knew about steroids is wrong,” LA Weekly’s Steven Kotler separates fact from myth and fiction on the subject of anabolic steroids as used by mature adult males (not teens, or women). Following the research and perspective advanced in Legal Muscle, this article will shock most casual readers. An excerpt: “What I found interesting … is that when steroid-related complications are compared to complications from other radical cosmetic practices like liposuction or breast augmentation, the statistics show across the board that elective surgeries produce far more problems, and far more serious ones at that. What I found more interesting was that unlike these cosmetic practices, steroids hold real promise. Plastic surgery may hide wrinkles by cutting them out, but steroids might actually make you feel younger from the inside out. All of which raises the question: If steroids are not nearly as bad for us as we’ve been led to believe, and if they show far more potential as anti-aging medicine than anything else currently available, then what the hell is the problem?” (Read the Full Article Here)